Findings from EverythingALS Studies

June 22nd 2022 at 4:00 pm PT

7:00pm ET,   6:00pm CT,  5:00 MT

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Dr.Raquel (Kely) Norel
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center


Alan Taitz 
Data Scientist, EverythingALS

Dr.Raquel (Kely) Norel

Dr. Norel is a Research Staff Member at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. She received a B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Universidad de Chile, a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Weizmann Institute, Israel and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, Israel. After a postdoctoral position at Columbia University, she worked as staff at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and later at Columbia University, before joining IBM Research Center in 2011. In 2015, she received an IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA, the highest technical award of IBM) for her work on "Crowdsourcing As a New Paradigm for Biomedical Research: the DREAM and Improver Projects"; in 2016 she earned an A level Science Accomplishment Award at IBM for "Speech and Text Analytics for Detecting Neuropsychiatric Conditions"; in 2017 she was recognized with an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA) by demonstrating the Practice: Restlessly Reinvent IBM and Ourselves for work on “Psych-e”; in 2019 Kely earned the Research Division Award (RDA) for her work on Parkinson's Disease Monitoring and Measurement; in 2022 Dr. Norel was recognized with an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA) for her contributions to Scientific Discoveries on Disease Progression.

Dr. Norel is coauthor of 5 awarded patents and over 50 peer reviewed publications, with one of them having almost 900 citations. Dr. Norel is a contributor to Faculty of 1000 and a member of the Society of Women Engineers.

Alan Taitz 

After finishing Physics degree Alan pursued a PhD in the Neuroscience of Speech processing, a field where Alan found could encompass his interests in Language and Science. After moving to California Alan continued doing research on Speech, at SRI International. Currently part of the EverythingALS team, where Alan is applying all of his experience for a great purpose.

Findings from EverythingALS Studies
Jun 22, 4:00 PM
Zoom call

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