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ALS Radcliff Study:

Multi-disciplinary focus

We are looking for Individuals with early symptom who have been diagnosed with Possible, Probable or  Definite ALS

Our IRB approved study is motivated by the need for early detection and improved prognostic accuracy of ALS using advanced computational technology. By participating in this study, you will contribute to a growing large ALS dataset and further improve current assessment & treatment of individuals diagnosed with ALS using physiological signals and objective measurements. 
I am interested to participate in
Are you enrolled in PREVENT ALS Study (DIALS Network at MGH/WashU or ALS Families Study at Columbia University)?

For more information click here.

Do you use Assistive Devices ?
What is the purpose of the study?
This is a fully remote, observational, exploratory, non-controlled, non-drug study in people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The study seeks to explore whether specific digital measures gathered at home warrant further investigation as tools for monitoring clinical function and disease progression in ALS.  
This study is completely remote - all assessments will be completed in your home. The necessary equipment for the study will be sent to your house, which includes:​
  • spirometers for breathing tests

  • feet sensors for walking analysis
    and an android smartphone


EverythingALS mobile App will make it easy for you to navigate the study.
The format consists of weekly ALS-FRS-R & proctors sessions with a research co-ordinator



Your total participation will be 9-12 months


  • Any gender, age 18 Years and older

  • Diagnosed with possible, probable, or definite ALS by a neurologist

  • Able to walk without help (without using a cane or walker. Ankle-foot orthotics (AFO) are allowed, as long as the study sole inserts can be accommodated within their shoes.

  • Are comfortable going up and down stairs without help safely. Use of hand railing is permitted and encouraged

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Inability to read, understand, and speak English

  • Use of a ventilator, or non-invasive mechanical ventilation for more than 16 hours daily

The full list of requirements for the study can be discussed with the study coordinator

What is the eligibility criteria?
What procedures will I participate in if I enroll in the study?
How long will I be in the Study?

Protocol Number:  2022-09-RAD-PI42 | Sponsor: Peter Cohen Foundation

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