About Us

PC: Peter Cohen

We believe the technology will be a key enabler for the innovation to end ALS, we are here to bridge the gap between patients, research and technology.  Our diverse team is composed of patient advocates, students, nurses, physicians, entrepreneurs, artificial intelligence engineers, biologists, ALS patients, and spiritual guidance from one person who has reversed ALS.  We are here to help provide information to all of those affected by ALS. 

EverythingALS is a patient-focused non-profit, part of Peter Cohen Foundation, a 501(3)c organization, bringing technological innovations and data science to support efforts -- from care to cure -- for people with ALS, by offering a open-data platform for direct engagement with patients, caregivers, researchers and drug companies. 

How YOU Can Get Involved

  Education And Community 

We help to educate our community and build partnerships through our bi-monthly webinars & youtube channel.

Our platform hosts webinars with experts in the field generating thousands of hours of content regarding ALS. 

Meet McFinn, Spiritual Guide and ALS Reversal #42  


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 ALS Financial Assistance, Donations and Provider Locator



Our CaringALS.com platform assists with financial aid for those diagnosed with ALS, helping to pay medical professionals    directly for services through crowd funding and corporate contributions. 


We list several professionals and categories through  which people can access services.  Our goal is to grow corporate sponsorship for Financial assistance to help promote social impact for those who suffer from ALS.

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 Research And Collaboration

We are enrolling for Diagnosed or Probable with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) & Healthy Individuals to participate in the LARGEST study with 1000  participants to advance research for ALS!

Our IRB study is motivated by the need for early detection and improved prognostic accuracy of ALS using advanced computational technology and speech data (audio, video).

By participating in this study, you will bank your voice data and receive feedback on your own speech.

  • Participate In Our Study. 

  • Calling on All Researchers to Collaborate on our Voice Project: