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A patient-focused non-profit bringing technological innovations and data science to support efforts, from care to cure, for people with ALS.

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ALS is a neurodegenerative disease with no treatments. Every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed

The Power of Together

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This map represents our strong growing ALS community across 44 countries


EverythingALS is a patient-focused non-profit bringing technological innovations and data science to support efforts -- from care to cure -- for people with ALS, by offering a open-data platform for direct engagement with patients, caregivers, researchers and drug companies. 

As patient advocates, we host bi-monthly community meetings that are designed to provide patients and caregivers with the support and information that they will need throughout their ALS journey. 

Meet our teammate, McFinn Lovere, Spiritual Guide and ALS Reversal #42. His blogs are inspiring, and can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Technology will be the key enabler for the innovation to end ALS. We support efforts to find a cure for ALS by creating a platform for direct engagement with patients, researchers and cutting edge Cloud and AI technologies. 

Develop speech analysis - audio and facial metrics - for early detection, clinical endpoints and better voice recognition tools for ALS in collaboration with MIT, MGH, UT Austin and Google. Funding for the first ALS Platform trial at Mass General by Dr.Merit Cudkowitz. Supporting AnswerALS and Gladstone Institute with multi-omics analysis with machine learning and big data to uncover ALS causes, subtypes, pathways, and drug targets.


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